Believe Your House Will Never Sell? Not So Fast!

“What’s the ideal price to sell my property ? How swiftly will it sell? In this article are a few ideas for home sellers to increase return and alleviate the selling process.

Be sure to value your house to sell. A real estate agent can help you find the best listing price for your house.

Late winter and early spring is the right time for getting your home ready to sell if you intend to capitalize on the most active market time. Most family buyers are hoping to prevent taking their kids out of school during the school year and they will start looking around this time. By prepping your home early, you will prolong your selling season.

If you’re contemplating working with a specific real estate agent, a nice way to meet them is by visiting an open house. This lets you see the agent at work while seeing them in an informal setting. Focus on how professional and helpful they are and how they react to people who come by the open house.

One crucial tip when it concerns residential property is to put vanilla extract in an oven safe dish and switch the oven on low. This will really help to give your home a welcoming scent, which is an incredibly important factor to your possible buyer. This technique is not as apparent as a candle would be, and assures that you are not making an effort to cover anything up.

Adopting these particular simple ideas can help you have a far better selling experience. Provided that you are cautious and interact well, you ought to manage to stay clear of issues and obstacles. Utilize these suggestions to quickly increase profit from your sell and locate a terrific buyer.

As soon as your real estate agent calls to set up a showing of your residence, put some cookies in the oven just before potential buyers show up. The scent of fresh baked cookies is much better than any air spray and this cozy smell can help remind buyers of loving memories in their childhood home, urging them to think of the home you are selling as their new house.

You should always power wash the front entrance and either repaint or change the front door. If a prospective buyer approaches a front entry way that contains cob webs and a door that is in decay, it makes them feel like the entire home has been ignored.

Ahead of placing any house on the marketplace to sell, make certain to bear in mind this essential and necessary idea. Be sure to have an evaluation of the house before you try to sell it. An examiner can notify you of areas of the house that may be problematic to buyers and everything that might need repair.

Social Media Photo Booth

We wanted to hire a photo booth for our summer party but we wanted to have the ability to upload the pictures to social media.  So we did a search online for social media photo booth and were surprised to find that most photo booth companies don’t offer the service.

But we did find a couple and after comparing the offerings made our choice.  So the party was a huge success and the photo booth was a blast and everyone really enjoyed uploading their pictures to Facebook, emailing them and of course they enjoyed the prints too.

Exactly what’s My House Worth?

Las-Colinas-HomesWhat’s it worth? Well, you need a Comparative Market Analysis or “CMA” This is not a licensed appraisal, however it does offer terrific general info on the Real Estate market around your home. Oh, and as opposed to an appraisal it’s FREE.

This truly is the most asked problem I ever get, even more so than the ones about foreclosures. You see foreclosures come and go with the Realty cycles. Everybody at some time or another would like to know exactly what their home is worth.

Occasionally it is for the obvious reasons; they are preparing to offer it. Other times they are refinancing it, doing remodeling, or attempting to reduce their taxes. Whichever is the reason you need to know, I can help in the Irving Las Colinas location this is generally how it is done …

Very first I ask the customer what is the reason they would like to know.
(Let’s assume it is for a sale in this little presentation).
Next I go to the Dallas Central Appraisal District to search for the home.

I then go to the MLS and see what homes in comparable size and features have sold in the location of the subject property. I also look up what houses have actually expired, which tells me the ones that are typically overpriced. I then search for all the homes that are currently on the marketplace in the same area as the patient property.

With this information I can tell you the typical list prices and average price per sq. ft. of homes that have actually sold, as well as the ones wasting away on the market.

I then like to go to the subject home to see if it falls in line with typical conditions. If it is in terrific shape and has been completely renovated I would provide it an above average rate per sq. ft. If it needs a great deal of work, then it will get below average cost. If it is ordinary, well then it’s ordinary.

Last I gather all my information and plug in the numbers I feel it will cost (generally it is a small array) and present it to the seller. It is a bit more complex, and it takes more than these few paragraphs allude to, however I am happy to do it for my clients, as would most Realtors.

Even if you actually haven’t got an excellent reason to know exactly what your house is worth, it still is fun to discover. So call me, and let’s see “What’s it Worth”.

Top Realtors

Top RealtorsSo we are looking at selling our home and downsizing as the kids are almost out of the nest but where to find a good real estate agent?  First I had to look at what my expectations were.  1. Someone with a proven track record of selling homes in my area and even better in my neighborhood.  2.  That agent having a record of selling homes fairly quickly.  3.  An agent with a good reputation.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Well where do I find information that specific on real estate agents?  Guess what?  There is a website that provides just that kind of information., will provide a free realtor ratings report based on where you are.  In that report you can see how many homes they’ve sold over the last 12 months.  Of those homes they sold what percentage of the listing price they sold them for, the average number of days to the sell and how long they’ve been licensed as a real estate agent.  Eureeka!  They answered all of my questions AND all for free.

By the way my daughter just told us she’s getting married so I guess some of the profit from the sale of our home just got eaten up in wedding cake.

Learning more about Child Custody Legal Forms

Child CustodyIn the United States, there have been hundreds of kid custody cases. Many are cases which come along with the separation of the moms and dads of the kid in concern. There are likewise cases where relatives or some buddies of the parent’s questions their ability to look after the wellness of the kid in question.

Now, the most typical cases of youngster custody case including other individual than the moms and dads are when the moms and dads are both dead, both missing or away, locked up or are unfit to care for the child. The latter is normally due to psychological disorder or financial matters.

Whether you are a parent, a relative or a buddy filing for youngster custody, it is constantly a need to that you get correct youngster custody legal forms. You know, many legal professionals believe that if you are to achieve these legal kinds appropriately, the chances of getting favorable results in a court choice is high. Why? Since a totally filled and appropriately documented legal type is thought about as a valid and binding paper at court, this is.

Types of Child Custody Legal Forms

In getting your kid custody legal kinds, it is important that you know exactly what sort of this form you should get. In addition to correctly filling this document, getting the appropriate type is important in your youngster custody case. Here are some of the kinds of this legal kinds and exactly what they look like;.

– Custody of Child Form.

— this type is mainly used when the parent is under age and do not have the capability of taking care of the child. In this form, the grandparents will enable the parent to have access to the youngster.

– Shared Child Custody Agreement Form.

In this kind, both the moms and dads concur to have shared custody for their kid. Hence, the form consists of schedules when the youngster will remain at the custody of each moms and dad.

– Child Custody and Maintenance Form.

— this form is typically utilize when the custody and care of the child is being granted to the other half with the permission of the husband. The partner thereto pledge financial support till the youngster comes of age. The sum is not included in a divorce settlement.

– General Form.

— this form is most typically made use of wherein the custody of the youngster is entirely on the partner and the wife promises not to conflict. Husband is obliged to pay the better half a specific amount as monetary support for the child till of age. Even if the better half is awarded single custody of the youngster, she is not allowed to move in extra of a certain miles predetermined in the type unless with the hubby’s consent.

These are simply a few of the kinds you can get. But, you are encouraged to still seek for legal suggestions regarding the type of child custody legal types you need.

Kid Custody Legal Forms Online.

If you desire access to hundreds of cost-free legal kinds for kid custody, the World Wide Web is where you need to go. There are now great deals of internet sites offering complimentary downloads of various legal kinds including those for child custody. Just make sure to inspect the legitimacy of such legal types in the state where you live.

Whether you are a parent, a relative or a pal declaring for child custody, it is always a need to that you get correct child custody legal types. In getting your kid custody legal types, it is important that you know exactly what type of this type you must get. Thus, the form includes schedules when the child will stay at the custody of each parent. If you want access to hundreds of cost-free legal types for kid custody, the World Wide Web is where you ought to go. There are now lots of websites providing cost-free downloads of different legal forms consisting of those for kid custody.

Glass Cubicles Rock

Used glass cubiclesWent to see a friend at work the other day and met him at his “desk” which was actually a cubicle but this was not your average cubicle, it was a floor to ceiling glass cubicle.  My impressions of cubicles had always been the dull, cookie cutter type you would expect to see side by side in the hundreds covering an entire floor.  This cubicle and the rest around him made the entire floor look almost futuristic.  I wanted to say beam me up Scotty, really.

It is easy to understand why this new model of cubicles is popular.  Using glass cubicles not only provides a more aesthetic look but allows for greater lighting and easier visual communication.  I guess the days of the humdrum cubicle are numbered.

Used Office Furniture Garland, TX

Used Office Furniture Garland TXWe moved our offices to the city of Garland, Texas and with the addition of several new employees we had a need for office furniture.  Have you taken a look at the cost of new office furniture lately?  Well a friend suggested we look at used office furniture and after a quick online search we found a great Garland used office furniture store within a few blocks of our new digs and gave them a call.

We were in need of a conference table, a couple of reception area chairs, a break room table, some cubicles and office chairs so our list wasn’t giant but not small either and surprisingly the fine folks at Continental Office Group were able to fill every request along with some service needs like installing the cubicles and moving our office furniture.  As you can tell, they have practically become a one-stop shop for all of our office needs.

John Daniels, We Need a Bat!

Texas Rangers Need a BatDear John Daniels,

I really enjoy watching the Texas Rangers play and will admit they are my favorite team in Major League Baseball but I gotta say, this year, they need a dependable bat in the lineup.

Every year you never cease to amaze me with the moves you make, from making the trade with Atlanta that brought Elvis Andrus here to acquiring Cliff Lee which gave the team a legitimate ace and helped the Rangers make it to the World Series.  I expect this year to be no different and am excited to see what moves you make before the trade deadline.  Why just today the rumors are flying fast that Matt Garza, another big time pitcher may be headed this way.  I hope so BUT I also hope you are seriously looking to find a bat to help this offense.

This years Texas Rangers need a dependable, big time bat in the lineup and it’s been obvious since the second month of the season.  Please do the magic that you do and bring us a hitter that will make a difference, please?



Helping a child through divorce

I was having a discussion with a buddy about his divorce and the subject of children came up.  Specifically my buddy wondered how he was going to help his children deal with his divorce.  Interestingly enough I found this post on just that subject.

Photo Booth DFW

I was at a wedding not too long ago and spent most of my time in the photo booth.  Sure I had some dinner and a couple of beers but mostly I was dressed in crazy hats, glasses, boas and yes even a tiara or two.  Why?  Because it was just dang fun!  Photo booth rentals Dallas is the way to go.

Dallas Recording Studio

Legal Audio EnhancementI had a need to transfer a bunch of cassette and vinyl records to digital tracks.  A quick search found a cool little recording studio in Dallas called Orb Audio Recorder.  I called the owner, Bobby Hoke, and got his pricing (very reasonable) and set a time to drop off my recordings.  It took about a week (a few days faster than he estimated) and I couldn’t be happier!  Great work, reasonable price and absolutely no problems.   I would highly recommend Orb Audio Recorder to anyone.

Downsizing a company isn’t all about getting rid of employees.

Downsizing is a word that has been used frequently during this long recession. Typically you hear it in business but these days it’s not uncommon to hear it from ordinary families. When a company decides to downsize the first thing that most people probably think about is how many people will lose their jobs. But with every employee there is probably a desk, a chair, maybe even an office full of furniture. So what happens to the office furniture when the office is downsized?

Used Office Furniture - Continental Office GroupUnless a company decides to store their unused furniture or move it to another office location for use there really the only viable option is to sell it. Now the chances they will sell it to the public is rare at best instead what a company normally does is engage with a reseller who deals in office furniture. These resellers try to get the biggest bang for the buck by offering pennies on the dollar and depending on how desperate the company is they may just get it. Once the sale is completed the reseller will clean, repair and restore the inventory and then offer it for resale. The easiest way for them to do so these days is online through various channels including Craigslist, their own website via advertising on search engines, directories and via lead generation websites. A majority of used office furniture dealers do most of their business online and that environment is changing daily with the increase in popularity of mobile and the melding of television and the internet.

To find a used furniture dealer is as simple as doing a Google search. In my case I would use the term used office furniture dallas to begin my search. From there I would want to find a website that shows what is available and when I can get it. I probably wouldn’t buy online as I would want to inspect the piece before I bought it but I expect that online buying is not far away for many of these dealers.

Make sure you check references, the Better Business Bureau and online reviews so you are comfortable dealing with them and double check their return policy as you never no what might happen.

While businesses continue to downsize and will do so even when the economy picks up, what may be unfortunate for the employees can many times be good fortune for those looking for a quality piece of used office furniture.

Cool Time In Paris

The lady and I took a trip to Paris and had the best time doing everything a tourist doesn’t do. I’m talking not staying at a name brand hotel or eating any meal at any restaurant you would find in a tourist guide, or seeing the same attractions you see on postcards. We made a conscious effort to avoid all things tourist.

First off we secured cheap first class airfare to Paris through a company called Imperial Travel Consultants. They did exactly what they said they would and found us tickets that saved us about 50% if we had bought them through a regular agency. During our research for the trip we came across a hotel (Novotel Paris Porte d’Orleans) that had gotten some very nice reviews and was not on the beaten path so we felt comfortable we would be tourist free during our stay there.

Once we had settled into the hotel we began searching for restaurants and found several that fit the bill. Autour d’un verre, Cafe des Musees and Breizh are just a couple of the places where we found a great meal and reasonable prices considering you are in Paris.

Finally, the not so typical tourist stops included The Marmottan Museum, Sainte Chapelle and The Statue of Liberty. Yes, most people forget there is a replica Statue of Liberty in Paris.

What a great time we had and would do it all again. I challenge you to go off the beaten path on your next vacation, you might just enjoy it.

First Class Travel

I love to travel but unfortunately I can’t afford to do much of it.  So the thought of being able to travel first class is one that would never enter my mind.  That is until now.  I was recently turned on to a website that offers cheap first class travel to anyone!  They can save a realistic 50% off the retail rate of first class airfare.  Well I’ve got to be honest, when I first heard about it, I was more than a bit skeptical.  If you can get these kind of savings how come everyone doesn’t travel first class?  Simply put, this is one of those insider secrets.  What this company does is look at a number of factors in your travel history.  A few deal with the time of day, week of day and month you travel.  Of course destination is another one and from what I can tell there are many more elements to determining how to save money on a first class ticket.  The nice thing is I don’t have to figure it out, that is what this company does for a living.

So the next time I get a chance to fly away, believe me I will contact the first class travel guys and let them find me some cheap first class airline tickets.  If you fly on the same flight with me, I’ll be the one with a drink in my hand, my sunglasses on and my feet up … in first class.

Termite Control Phoenix Arizona

My In-laws live in Phoenix and during our annual summer vacation to visit them we woke up one morning to the sight of some termites coming out of the wall in our room.  My In-laws, despite living in the community for a few years, had no idea who to call so I immediately jumped online and search for Termite Control Phoenix.   I came across Arizona Termite Control and gave them a call, they were very responsive and were able to come out the same day.  They arrived on time and were very professional during the inspection process, being aware of our family taking up half the house and being courteous to everyone.

Once they finished the inspection, they put together a proposal to take care of the problem, they also gave us references and a company history highlighting their experience dealing with termites Phoenix and throughout Arizona.  You see in Arizona termites cause no less damage to a home or building than anywhere else in the world and in fact a desert area can cause more termites than a non-desert area.  Anyway, I digress, the folks at Arizona Termite Control presented a proposal to take care of my In-laws problem that was fair and more importantly to my In-laws timely as they wanted to have the issue taken care of immediately.

So to follow up, the In-laws are happy as can be.  The termites are gone and they have been able to fix all of the structural issues that were caused by those pesky termites.  If you are looking for termite control in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona look no further than Arizona Termite Control.  I’ve posted their address and phone number below to make it easy to contact them.

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #309.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 635-9166

Bella Pictures – Wedding Photography Anyone?

Everyone knows putting together a wedding is not only a time consuming issue but also a who do you trust issue.  Let’s face it there are hundreds if not thousands of vendors for all kinds of wedding services and finding the right ones can simply drive you mad.

For wedding photography Bella Pictures should be at the top of the list.  With a 100% money back guarantee, Bella Pictures assures you will be satisfied with your wedding photos.   They also offer a wide assortment of specials and prices.  Don’t forget video!  That’s right take one more to-do off your list and have Bella Pictures handle your videography as well as your photography.  I’m sure there’s a special package for that.  Learn more about Bella Pictures and the wonderful work they do.

Payday Loan Houston

Good friend of mine lives in the Houston area and was in desperate need of some money between payday’s to take care of an unexpected car repair. Good thing for him payday loans Houston is only a click away. Houston Payday Loans makes it very easy to get cash now, in fact it takes just three steps before you’re approved and ready to get your money. The process is just that simple.

  • First you fill out their online application which is safe and secure thanks to their use of Verisign security technology.  Guess what?  It takes about seven minutes, that’s faster than getting a burger these days.
  • Second, you get instant approval.  That’s right, you don’t have to wait hours or days but minutes to find out if you are approved and by the way 4 our of 5 applicants are approved.
  • Third, you get your money!

You can see how simple it is so if you looking for payday loans Katy TX just click the link and you are seven short minutes away from getting the money you need for car repairs, home repairs, medical needs or just some instant cash to have a good time.  Payday loans made simple, that’s something you don’t find everyday, nice to know it’s there.

HT660U Manual Keys HealthTrainer 660 Upright Exercise Bike Owners Manual

I recently bought a used Keys HealthTrainer Upright Exercise Bike or HT660U and didn’t get a manual with it. After searching online I could not find one so I contacted Keys and they directed me to a company who sold me the manual for $15 (digital version). I don’t be-grudge them charging me for the manual but I thought I would make it free and easy for the next guy, so download the ht660u manual here.(PDF)

Engagement Rings Atlanta

Had a friend of mine ping me and reveal he’s going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He pinged me because he knows I spent some time in Atlanta (his current residence) and wanted to know if I knew of any good jewelers to buy an engagement ring from. I said, if you are looking for engagement rings Atlanta has only one place to get them Brown Jewelers.

Brown Jewelers has been in business for 40 years and is a family owned jewelry store where customer service is king. They have one of Atlanta’s largest engagement ring selection with rings from 13 designers and custom engagement ring design as well. Easy sell for me, why? Because I actually know some of the people at Brown Jewelers and I know what kind of people they are. Atlanta engagement rings? Brown Jewelers!