Downsizing a company isn’t all about getting rid of employees.

Downsizing is a word that has been used frequently during this long recession. Typically you hear it in business but these days it’s not uncommon to hear it from ordinary families. When a company decides to downsize the first thing that most people probably think about is how many people will lose their jobs. But with every employee there is probably a desk, a chair, maybe even an office full of furniture. So what happens to the office furniture when the office is downsized?

Used Office Furniture - Continental Office GroupUnless a company decides to store their unused furniture or move it to another office location for use there really the only viable option is to sell it. Now the chances they will sell it to the public is rare at best instead what a company normally does is engage with a reseller who deals in office furniture. These resellers try to get the biggest bang for the buck by offering pennies on the dollar and depending on how desperate the company is they may just get it. Once the sale is completed the reseller will clean, repair and restore the inventory and then offer it for resale. The easiest way for them to do so these days is online through various channels including Craigslist, their own website via advertising on search engines, directories and via lead generation websites. A majority of used office furniture dealers do most of their business online and that environment is changing daily with the increase in popularity of mobile and the melding of television and the internet.

To find a used furniture dealer is as simple as doing a Google search. In my case I would use the term used office furniture dallas to begin my search. From there I would want to find a website that shows what is available and when I can get it. I probably wouldn’t buy online as I would want to inspect the piece before I bought it but I expect that online buying is not far away for many of these dealers.

Make sure you check references, the Better Business Bureau and online reviews so you are comfortable dealing with them and double check their return policy as you never no what might happen.

While businesses continue to downsize and will do so even when the economy picks up, what may be unfortunate for the employees can many times be good fortune for those looking for a quality piece of used office furniture.