Termite Control Phoenix Arizona

My In-laws live in Phoenix and during our annual summer vacation to visit them we woke up one morning to the sight of some termites coming out of the wall in our room.  My In-laws, despite living in the community for a few years, had no idea who to call so I immediately jumped online and search for Termite Control Phoenix.   I came across Arizona Termite Control and gave them a call, they were very responsive and were able to come out the same day.  They arrived on time and were very professional during the inspection process, being aware of our family taking up half the house and being courteous to everyone.

Once they finished the inspection, they put together a proposal to take care of the problem, they also gave us references and a company history highlighting their experience dealing with termites Phoenix and throughout Arizona.  You see in Arizona termites cause no less damage to a home or building than anywhere else in the world and in fact a desert area can cause more termites than a non-desert area.  Anyway, I digress, the folks at Arizona Termite Control presented a proposal to take care of my In-laws problem that was fair and more importantly to my In-laws timely as they wanted to have the issue taken care of immediately.

So to follow up, the In-laws are happy as can be.  The termites are gone and they have been able to fix all of the structural issues that were caused by those pesky termites.  If you are looking for termite control in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona look no further than Arizona Termite Control.  I’ve posted their address and phone number below to make it easy to contact them.

Arizona Termite Control
3019 N. 14th Street #309.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 635-9166

Bella Pictures – Wedding Photography Anyone?

Everyone knows putting together a wedding is not only a time consuming issue but also a who do you trust issue.  Let’s face it there are hundreds if not thousands of vendors for all kinds of wedding services and finding the right ones can simply drive you mad.

For wedding photography Bella Pictures should be at the top of the list.  With a 100% money back guarantee, Bella Pictures assures you will be satisfied with your wedding photos.   They also offer a wide assortment of specials and prices.  Don’t forget video!  That’s right take one more to-do off your list and have Bella Pictures handle your videography as well as your photography.  I’m sure there’s a special package for that.  Learn more about Bella Pictures and the wonderful work they do.

HT660U Manual Keys HealthTrainer 660 Upright Exercise Bike Owners Manual

I recently bought a used Keys HealthTrainer Upright Exercise Bike or HT660U and didn’t get a manual with it. After searching online I could not find one so I contacted Keys and they directed me to a company who sold me the manual for $15 (digital version). I don’t be-grudge them charging me for the manual but I thought I would make it free and easy for the next guy, so download the ht660u manual here.(PDF)

Photo Booth Rentals Dallas

We were searching for a fun activity for our daughters wedding when someone suggested a photo booth.  Now I haven’t  thought of a photo booth since I was a kid and would see them in the mall or bowling alley someplace like that and those you put money in which didn’t sound too appealing.  However I jumped online and did a search for photo booth dallas and found that the times have changed.  There is a whole industry now serving weddings, company parties, birthday parties and basically any event you could imagine renting a photo booth for.

So the company we found Photo Booth Rentals DFW had a great website.  Examples of their work, easy to understand rates and an easy way to contact them as well as learning they offer photo booth rentals in Dallas and throughout the North Texas region.  We contacted them and arranged for a photo booth for our daughters wedding this summer.  I’ll make sure I post a follow up review and let you know how well it was received and how well Photo Booth Rentals DFW did.

Total Protect Home Warranty – A Homeowners Dream

As a homeowner I am always a bit uneasy that something’s going to break or crack or stop working and that that something will happen in the middle of the night on the weekend when I know I can’t get anything done about it without costing me a small fortune. Well I’m happy to say I’ve found a great solution to my worries, Total Protect Home Warranty.

Total Protect Home Warranty has the homeowner covered when it comes to emergency and routine repairs. Whether it’s my water heater breaking down on a Sunday night or my refrigerator going out on a Monday I now know I’ll be protected against either, all for a reasonable rate. And that’s not all my coverage is limited to, it also includes.

  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Stove/Range
  • Air Conditioner
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Refrigerater
  • Water Heater
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer

Additionally as a TotalProtect customer I receive special access to the Appliance Buyline Discount Buying Service and now when I want to upgrade any of the appliances in my home, I will get up to 30% off the suggested retail price from top consumer brand names.

How can I go wrong? Great coverage and great savings when I’m ready to upgrade! I hate to say it but I will, it’s a Win – Win!

Light Bulbs

I need to replace some old light bulbs in the house and have been upgrading to CFL or compact fluorescent lights lately but I read an article the other day on LED lights and wonder if that’s not a better light bulb to go to?   From what I can understand LEDs are one of the best choices you can make when it comes to replacing light bulbs. High power LEDs provide long life, they offer clean pure white light and incredible colors! Besides being shock and vibration resistant LED lightbulbs are direct screw-in replacements.

As long as the heat from the LED can be easily dissipated the light bulb can last 50,000 hours or more, now I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow much less 50,000 hours from now(that’s over 5 and a half years).  If a light bulb can last that long think about how much money you will save on replacement costs alone, plus they are energy efficient.  So I think I’ve convinced myself and will be replacing the light bulbs in my house with LED lights.