John Daniels, We Need a Bat!

Texas Rangers Need a BatDear John Daniels,

I really enjoy watching the Texas Rangers play and will admit they are my favorite team in Major League Baseball but I gotta say, this year, they need a dependable bat in the lineup.

Every year you never cease to amaze me with the moves you make, from making the trade with Atlanta that brought Elvis Andrus here to acquiring Cliff Lee which gave the team a legitimate ace and helped the Rangers make it to the World Series.  I expect this year to be no different and am excited to see what moves you make before the trade deadline.  Why just today the rumors are flying fast that Matt Garza, another big time pitcher may be headed this way.  I hope so BUT I also hope you are seriously looking to find a bat to help this offense.

This years Texas Rangers need a dependable, big time bat in the lineup and it’s been obvious since the second month of the season.  Please do the magic that you do and bring us a hitter that will make a difference, please?



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You can not beat a good euphonious voice

I love music and besides classical music (i can only handle a couple of pieces) I truly like all kinds of music but more than anything I love a sweet sounding voice.  Hence the title to this post, You can not beat a good euphonious voice.  From classic voices like Sinatra or Billie Holliday to modern singers like Jamie Lidell or Norah Jones, if there is one thing they have in comon it’s a sweet sounding voice.