Save Money on Your OEM Auto Parts

Times are tough and everyone is looking for a discount or break any where they can get it.  What if you could get a break on the cost OEM car parts?  Of course you would take it, I did and will do every time I need parts for my car.

After a recent visit to my mechanic he told me I needed a starter and an alternator for my Toyota Matrix and gave me a price of $450 for parts alone.  I didn’t have the cash to do the work so I left it with him and went home to start calling junkyards.  As you can imagine the thought of not only having to call several yards but then get a ride to one and pull the part myself was not very appealing.  While I was lamenting my pain to a friend he suggested I try a website called  So I pointed my browser to their site and within minutes found both parts for my car at almost half the price and each came with free shipping.  I immediately ordered them and called my mechanic to let him know when the parts would be in.  They came in on time and my mechanic had my car up and running the same day.  He was so impressed he said he would start using them for all of his OEM auto parts orders.

Save time, money and headache and use for your OEM auto parts.