Trophies and Awards

Our company recently honored several employees for the years of service, sales achievements and humanitarian efforts and my boss had the pleasure of finding trophies and awards to present to them.  He’s a pretty sharp cookie (that’s why he’s the boss) and so he called a meeting with our department to determine exactly what kind of trophy’s and awards we wanted to buy.

We decided for the years of service recipients we would give them plaques engraved with their names and the years of service to the company.  For the top sales people we decided to give them a trophy, kind of a competition winner type award, which would stay with them for a year and then the next winner would get it.  For them to keep as a reminder of the award we decided to give them medals with their name engraved and the year.  For the humanitarian award winners we decided to give custom certificates in a nice frame.

The recognition banquet was a success and my boss is now the official trophies and awards buyer!