Consolidating My Credit Cards

You never really “feel the pain” of a situation until you are in that situation.  In this case the pain that became very real for me was financial and in particular credit card debt.  Like so many others my credit card debt became a real issue when the recession hit and suddenly I lost my job and the only job I could find paid less than my last one.  So what to do about the debt that was suddenly become larger and larger every month?  I looked into bankruptcy (no thanks, I don’t need a scarlet letter) and then a friend told me about  consolidating my credit cards.  So I did my research and what I found out became my answer and could be yours.

Getting a debt consolidation loan enabled me to put all of my credit card debt in one place with one payment that I could afford.   So by consolidating my credit cards I will get out of debt faster and still have good credit.  If you are in a similar situation I highly recommend looking into this.