Selling a Structured Settlement

I got a call from my friend Bob the other day, things are tight for him which is actually quite normal.  You see a few years ago Bob was in an accident and as a result he is unable to work.  Now luckily he had a good lawyer who was able to sue the trucking company that owned the truck that hit him but although he got a nice settlement what he found out is you don’t get all of that money in one lump sum, instead there is a structured settlement created to pay the money out over time.

So yes Bob has money coming in on a regular basis but his needs now really dictate he find a way to get the rest of the money owed him.  So I did some research and found out he could sell his structured settlement.  There are numerous companies that will buy structured settlments and from what I could find out they do this in a timely manner.  I don’t know what Bob is going to do but at least he has a solution for his cash flow now.