Criminal Attorney Plano

Being arrested in Plano Texas is bad enough, being arrested and not having good representation is a nightmare.  If the time every comes when you are in need of a Plano criminal attorney, Derk Wadas should be at the top of your contact list.  Derk’s experience as a prosecutor and subsequent years in private practice in Collin County has given him unique insight into the judicial system in Plano.  He will use that insight along with his experience to provide the best counsel at any criminal trial proceeding.

Whether it’s a dwi arrest, drug charges, assault, family violence or a federal criminal charge you will find no better choice of criminal attorney Plano than Derk Wadas.  Derk has been practicing criminal law since 1998 and is always up front and honest with clients about their case and what they can realistically expect when facing trial.  If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney serving Collin County, contact Derk Wadas.