Office space in Houston

I’ve got a buddy, who lives in Houston TX and has the next big idea and is going to dump his retirement money into his dream business.  I told him go for it and them gave him some advice that will save him money.  I told him when he looks for office space in Houston he should seriously consider leasing office space from an executive suites company or a business center.  Why?  Well as I said this is a new business so the product is untested so why waste money buying office space or leasing commercial office space when you have build out costs, operating costs, etc.  With an executive office space you have none of those costs and in many cases can be up and running with your business within a day!

By taking my advice, my buddy won’t have to spend any of his money on furniture (much less time finding it), a receptionist (much less health care for her), internet and phone or build out.  He will have access to conference rooms, training rooms, a kitchen, catering for those working lunches, a professional greeting each of his clients, nightly cleaning, hey I could go on for awhile about this but I think you get the idea.  Office space in Houston is just going to be cheaper if you go the business center route.