Top Realtors

Top RealtorsSo we are looking at selling our home and downsizing as the kids are almost out of the nest but where to find a good real estate agent?  First I had to look at what my expectations were.  1. Someone with a proven track record of selling homes in my area and even better in my neighborhood.  2.  That agent having a record of selling homes fairly quickly.  3.  An agent with a good reputation.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Well where do I find information that specific on real estate agents?  Guess what?  There is a website that provides just that kind of information., will provide a free realtor ratings report based on where you are.  In that report you can see how many homes they’ve sold over the last 12 months.  Of those homes they sold what percentage of the listing price they sold them for, the average number of days to the sell and how long they’ve been licensed as a real estate agent.  Eureeka!  They answered all of my questions AND all for free.

By the way my daughter just told us she’s getting married so I guess some of the profit from the sale of our home just got eaten up in wedding cake.