First Class Travel

I love to travel but unfortunately I can’t afford to do much of it.  So the thought of being able to travel first class is one that would never enter my mind.  That is until now.  I was recently turned on to a website that offers cheap first class travel to anyone!  They can save a realistic 50% off the retail rate of first class airfare.  Well I’ve got to be honest, when I first heard about it, I was more than a bit skeptical.  If you can get these kind of savings how come everyone doesn’t travel first class?  Simply put, this is one of those insider secrets.  What this company does is look at a number of factors in your travel history.  A few deal with the time of day, week of day and month you travel.  Of course destination is another one and from what I can tell there are many more elements to determining how to save money on a first class ticket.  The nice thing is I don’t have to figure it out, that is what this company does for a living.

So the next time I get a chance to fly away, believe me I will contact the first class travel guys and let them find me some cheap first class airline tickets.  If you fly on the same flight with me, I’ll be the one with a drink in my hand, my sunglasses on and my feet up … in first class.