Cool Time In Paris

The lady and I took a trip to Paris and had the best time doing everything a tourist doesn’t do. I’m talking not staying at a name brand hotel or eating any meal at any restaurant you would find in a tourist guide, or seeing the same attractions you see on postcards. We made a conscious effort to avoid all things tourist.

First off we secured cheap first class airfare to Paris through a company called Imperial Travel Consultants. They did exactly what they said they would and found us tickets that saved us about 50% if we had bought them through a regular agency. During our research for the trip we came across a hotel (Novotel Paris Porte d’Orleans) that had gotten some very nice reviews and was not on the beaten path so we felt comfortable we would be tourist free during our stay there.

Once we had settled into the hotel we began searching for restaurants and found several that fit the bill. Autour d’un verre, Cafe des Musees and Breizh are just a couple of the places where we found a great meal and reasonable prices considering you are in Paris.

Finally, the not so typical tourist stops included The Marmottan Museum, Sainte Chapelle and The Statue of Liberty. Yes, most people forget there is a replica Statue of Liberty in Paris.

What a great time we had and would do it all again. I challenge you to go off the beaten path on your next vacation, you might just enjoy it.