First Class Travel

I got a call from the boss who needed to book a trip and his normal source (secretary) was out for the day so I was tapped to do so.  Not a big deal I thought, just jump online and book at Orbitz or something like that, until he added the words I only take trips first class so make sure you book my tickets with first class travel arrangements.  Things just got a bit more difficult BUT not impossible and as I began my  online search I found out it was actually going to be fairly easy.

Evidently there are travel agencies that focus on first class and business class travel and because they focus on this part of the travel industry they can actually offer discount first class airfare.  Now I’m beginning to feel like I can actually be a hero!  I can book the trip first class and save money at the same time!  That ought to get me an attaboy but hopefully not the permanent job of travel agent to the boss.